At any given moment 80-90% of the hair on your head is in the growing phase and 10-15% is in the resting phase. Every 2-3 months the resting hairs shed and new hair grows in its place. How much hair fall is too much? Well according to Johns Hopkins medical centre 50-100 is in the normal range. If you have thick hair the 10-15% in resting phase will be more in numbers and daily shed may be higher.

Now if you only wash it every second day the chances the hair comes away from your head are limited ( will have fallen out but may get caught amongst the other hair ). So before you say to yourself “ I have a lot more than 50-100” understand it’s an average. It may be you only notice it when the conditioner is in your hair and the strands are smooth, then the hair gets dislodged and you see it. Don’t be alarmed it’s not the product it’s natural and nothing to do with anything external.

No one is exempt from daily hair fall, it’s part of the way our bodies are made and it’s expected. You may have more during the change of seasons but on average 50-100 is perfectly fine. Off Days products don’t claim to be 100% chemical free but as close to natural as possible with all the goodness of Nature to ensure your hair looks and feels fantastic!

Will reducing washing it or increase wash days change it? A general answer is absolutely not. However if you are using a harsh shampoo that has a high percentage of SLS then chances are your scalp is being dried out too much and this can play a role in the garden bed of your scalps health. You may want to look for a lower ph level shampoo. Our shampoo is 5.5 which is the same as a healthy scalp so very safe for everyone.

If you are still not convinced go visit a trichologist who specialises in hair growth or talk to your hairstylist.

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