For those of you with curly hair, you know the struggle to get the curls right, one day they are perfect and the next day a disaster. If you spend too long inside they go for a toss and go out in the sun and boom it’s frizz central. Well we spoke to India’s most respected hairstylist Rod Anker and Co creator of Off Days and found out how to get crisper curls.

Curl is temperamental and can be the most challenging things to get right when your styling naturally curly hair. It’s behaviour is completely reliant on the moisture content the shaft holds. Curly hair is naturally more dehydrated than straight hair so it already is needing a little more TLC than everyone else. The disolfide bonds or the elasticity bands internally rely on moisture to work effectively and the more hydrated the more elasticity your hair and curl will have. That being said there are always things that affect or alter your moisture content like colouring, excessive heat styling etc.

The best way to approach it says Rod is to think less is best, use a hydrating shampoo and Conditioner, our Off Days products work incredibly well for curl formation by hydrating internally and sealing the cuticle tight. The use of shea butter in the conditioner leaves the hair beautifully smooth and hydrated.

Always condition and always comb it through in the shower Rod says. Once out of the shower do not play with it and Pat don’t rub it or toss it around. After you have removed excess moisture Add your serum or leave in products and let it be, it’s really that simple. Throughout the day don’t play with it too much, flipping it from side and you will start loving your curls again.

Remember don’t over blow dry your hair, trim every 6-8 weeks and avoid overlapping Color’s.

It’s time to start loving your curls

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