If you always do what you have always done, chances are you will always get what you already have. Are you repeating these bad habit’s?

We are all guilty of doing what we have always done, could be out of muscle memory. It could be coming from a place of comfort or it could be we just don’t know any different. There are many reading this who will be routinely doing chemical service after chemical service, constant blow outs and rarely trimming your hair and wondering why it’s dry. There is help, there is a solution however it may involve change and a conscious effort to do things differently.

When it comes to your hair at times you need to get off the treadmill and assess what is working and what isn’t. Just because something worked once doesn’t meant it always will, your hair health changes over time and your hair care routine may need altering to accommodate to its current health.

“In the salon we see a lot of people coming to us after years of over doing it, needing help” says Rod Anker. Can be over doing daily blow outs to doing something they think is a treatment yet it’s done with a chemical and is ultimately ruining the hair structure. From constant global Color’s to excessive highlights or balayage can ruin your chances of having the hair you want.

It can be a Shampoo or conditioner that worked wonders when you first used it now fast forward a few years isn’t working at all. Chances are your hair has changed so too your products need changing.

Some say products get used to your hair, the reality is your hair changes, it may have needed extra moisture 6 months ago however now your hair doesn’t need it. Hormonally our bodies change, sebum secretions fluctuate so what is relevant today may not and most likely won’t be relevant in 6-12 months. Always check and reassess what’s working and what’s not.

Now when it comes to Color there is a lot to think about but let’s just look at one of the main issues we see that cause excessive damage. You had balayage or highlights and you love it, in fact it’s your dream hair now and you just want to do it again and again. Typically should only be done every 5-7 months depending on the hair and the exact technique used. Lightening your hair that has already been colored is aggressive and will cause damage irregardless of what products you use. Less is more, be patient and enjoy the look and having healthy hair.

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