Well Monsoon Season is here and its a time to celebrate, a time for a little reprieve from the months of unbearable heat! Along with the rain comes humidity and frizz, you all know what its like so lets look at quick hairstyles for Monsoon.

Now obviously your daily routine has a lot to do with how your hair behaves and whilst certain hair types are more prone to the Monsoon Frizz Fest than others it comes down to your the condition of your hair and the hair structure. Because hair is porous, it absorbs moisture when there is humidity in the air. Hair that is overly dry from chemically based hair treatments is particularly susceptible. (Keeping hair well moisturised can help you avoid frizz.) When hair absorbs moisture, a single strand of it forms significantly more hydrogen bonds between the keratin strands it contains. The hair essentially doubles back in on itself at a molecular level, absorbing water, forming bonds and swelling until it disrupts the cuticle, which is the smooth, outermost layer of the hair. Magnify this occurrence by an entire head of hair and the result is frizz. If the cuticle is closed and intact then the likelihood of penetration of moisture is by far less, so its important that you maintain healthy hair but also condition every time and don’t forget to maintain regular trims Says Rod Anker, Delhi based Hairstylist

Its often the little habits that can make the big difference to the overall behaviour of your hair and it could be encouraging the bad behaviour of your hair, even when you are asleep. So what are the hairstyles for Monsoon that you should keep in mind to help you avoid frizz, here we go!

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Own it and start off already looking slightly messy that way no one knows the struggle! Via Pintrest

So it could be an oversize clutch clip or starting your day with a messy bun to wrapping it in a scarf there are endless options but most of all don’t be afraid to experiment and own it!

Now before trying to straighten out your natural curl or going to bed with wet hair, grab your clutch clip or scarf and enjoy Monsoon for what it is.

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