Its the start of a New Year and you have literally the entire year to make things happen so why are you waiting any longer! Its time to plan the hair you always wanted! Here are the Haircuts you must try in 2023!

You may be wondering what’s new, what’s in and what’s hot in hair well here is the list of what we think will be big in 2023 with hair!

1. The butterfly cut

Yes you heard correctly it’s time to break out of that Cacoon and be the best version of you in 2023. A modern twist on the shag cut but longer. Giving you more movement and texture to live your best life.

Who else but Jlo

2. The 70’s big hair

Nothing scream glam more than a big fat blowout! Go big or go home, if you want lots of volume make sure to use Off Days Volume & Texture powder

Via Matilda Djerf

3. The Shag

No it’s not over yet, longer version if you are scared to go short but it is super easy to style manage and live with. Literally wash and wear and screams sexy!

Via Miley Cyrus

And it would be complete without curtain bangs at number 4!

Via Pinterest

So whatever change you are looking for make it happen! It’s the start of 2023 so time is on your side.

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