Well summer is coming which means it’s about to get unbearably hot and your hair is about to enter the most dehydrating stage of the year! So here is 3 things to do before Summer to get your hair ready!

It’s the season we all feel more alive with longer nights and we become more social but it comes with challenges. Your hair and skin dry out and need protection from the sun!

Here are some things you need to do before summer starts!

Get a haircut

Your hair grows slightly more in summer and is prone to breakage and dehydration in the heat so it’s imperative that every 6-8 weeks to remove the fragile split or broken ends. This doesn’t have to be a lot even a trim to remove the ends so as the hair can continue to grow without risk of breakage. Don’t put it off, get it done now.

Reduce heat styling

The thought of a blowout when it’s 40 degrees certainly doesn’t sound fun and if you skip it your hair will thank you. Doesn’t mean don’t do it, but skip doing it at least once a week as this will help your hair be the best version possible.

Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner

Yes that’s right nothing to harsh, products that replenish that natural moisture and protect the hair from internal damage. Using a conditioner even if you want fullness is crucial as this closes the cuticle and helps retain moisture!

Don’t forget to cover up when possible, could be an oversized hat or a scarf, direct sun is nice but healthy hair and skin is better!

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