Getting the right product and knowing how to use it can be one of the hardest things.

The Faq’s about our products are Paraben, Sulfate free and Vegan. Whilst there is fragrance, it is a very small amount to ensure it leaves your hair smelling fresh. Formulated with natural ingredients that add moisture, help build strength to the hair and leaves the hair feeling hydrated with increased elasticity.

Question How do i use the volume and texture powder
AnswerYou can create extra bounce and volume with our volumizing & texture powder using it on dry hair. On pre styled hair or using it to rejuvenate your look. Holding the bottle upright a light spray towards the root are on small sections throughout the hair. Once complete depending on the result you are after you can massage and move the hair into place. Washes out with no residue.
Question If i have a Keratin treatment or color are these products safe?
AnswerYes they are, they are free from Sulfates and gentle enough to use everyday. They will maintain the keratin treatment and your color protected. for more information about the Faq’s about our products please see shop page under each product full list of ingredients can be found
Question Can I use this every day?
AnswerYes you can use both the shampoo and conditioner every day, as they do not contain harmful chemicals your hair and scalp will not be affected. The FAQ’S of our products along with all of the ingredients can be found on our shop page
Question I have naturally Curly hair, will this shampoo work on me?
AnswerThe everyday Shampoo and conditioner is safe to use everyday. It hydrates the hair, adds moisture levels whilst cleaning the hair and scalp. Curly hair needs added moisture so ensure to remove excess water from the hair prior to conditioning. Once you have the conditioner in work through with your fingers or wide tooth comb. For more ingredient information please click here
Question The Shampoo is fairly thick, how do i use it
AnswerYes the formulation is concentrated so a little goes a long way, Ensure you have completely rinsed your hair with water prior to using. Apply the shampoo in your palm, and work through. Gently distribute the shampoo throughout the scalp and massage. If required rinse and repeat
Question Can I use the Volume and Texture powder as a dry shampoo?
AnswerWhilst it is a mattifying powder its purpose is to add volume and/or texture.