Chances are you have certain beliefs about hair and whilst some may be true a lot tend to be fairy tales we all hold onto in the hope that getting the hair of our dreams is easier than what it actually is. So does trimming your hair actually make it grow faster?

The answer is no however it is still a critical part of ensuring your hair length increases, but it wont make it grow faster! The growth happens at the roots, under the skin so trimming the damaged ends will not make the roots grow faster at all. It will however remove split ends and help your hair stay healthy and the length wont split off and in turn decrease in length.

Why its important to trim your hair regularly

By trimming your hair regularly you remove the split ends, which are the biggest cause of loss of length, if the split travels up the shaft it will eventually break and the hair will snap off. This over time and multiplied will cause your hair to feel like its not growing and in fact it could be getting shorter.

By removing the ends you are ensuring that the ends of the shaft remain smooth and not torn which happens from excess heat, styling and time. the ends are exposed to the elements and need trimming every 6-8 weeks minimum.

By trimming your hair regularly your hair will look thicker as the ends have a more blunt finish to them which gives you more fullness also.

According to Rod Anker trimming your hair every 6 weeks regardless of your hair goal is essential for everyone.

Can split ends be avoided?

For the most part yes you can avoid split ends, however its a journey rather than a one particular thing you can do to ensure you don’t get them. Typically the longer the hair and the more damage the chances are there may be a split end or two, sadly this is just reality. Avoid over processing your hair with unnecessary colors and reduce exposure to heat and heat tools.

Take Away

Trim your hair every 6-8 weeks, avoid excessive heat styling and use good quality products, it is really as simply as that.

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