Depending on which school system you followed both the words Grey and Gray are correct, Grey is the British version and Gray is the American version. We just spent an unhealthy amount of time researching this and to be honest its all a little too much! So does coloring your hair cause it to turn grey? Keep in mind grey hair lacks moisture and the ability to hold moisture is low so make sure to use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner

Lets look at what Grey hair is

Grey or white hair is when the hair follicule stop producing melanin, this is the pigment cell that gives the hair color. Once the body stops producing malanin your hair wont have a color to it and will appear a various shade of white or silver. Typically most people will see some amount of grey or white hair in their late 20’s early 30’s and depending on genetics and stress levels it’s completely normal.

Now some of the reasons or causes for going grey or white are genetics, whilst you might easily blame your stressful job or a moment in time that has created a lot of stress it generally isn’t the case. Sure a traumatic episode or sudden trauma can accelerate the grey oncoming however it rarely is the sole cause.

Socially some believe grey, gray or white hair is a sign of old age but there are various factors as well as Ethnic background, typically caucasians go grey early than people of Asia heritage.

Grey Hair doesn’t have to age you

Myths about Grey Hair

We have heard a few so we wanted to straighten things out right away!

If you pluck one grey hair 3 grow back, come on does anyone believe this? Its not true, its impossible think it through for just a moment, it doesn’t hold any weight and isn’t true. Apart from the fact that eventually you will not be able to keep up with it, the shorter grey hairs once they start to grow will stick up and be incredibly visable.

As time goes by the more white hair you have the faster you see the regrowth

Regrowth shows more as the more grey hair you have

Coloring your hair causes it to go grey?

False, colouring your hair has nothing to do with going grey, you most likely once you see it grow you notice it more because its in a condensed area versus the entire head. The longer you color your hair, underneath the color the hair is going grey so you cant notice it. An ideal way to cover grey is not to go too dark, keeping in mind over the years your base color ( natural hair ) should be going slightly lighter in order not to look artificial. If you start with that in mind and re visit this every year, you will most likely have a color that adapts to your skin tone, looks natural and isn’t too much of maintenance says Rod Anker

So to answer the question Does coloring your hair cause it to go grey, the answer is no

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