I’m sure you all know that moment you go into a salon snd feel like your being sold a service you really don’t want. Sadly it’s reality and there may be a better way to have healthy hair without constant fear of split ends, damage and intimidation!

According to Rod Anker there is! A lot of time we see clients being told that the hair is so badly damaged they need to do a hair spa ( or in salon treatment ) and it may be, however a lot of the time it simply needs to be set on a different path and a set of healthier hair habits.

A lot of the time we get into a hampster wheel of getting multiple services done because just like the hair spa you were told you needed it, then fast forward and it’s you that has the daily problem of split ends, frizz and hair looking anything but healthy. The best thing you can do is stop asses everything you are doing then work on reducing or eliminating some elements.

Whilst there are times an “in salon” treatment or hair spa may be necessary it’s often counter productive. Putting product on your hair wrapping it up and adding heat will simply swell the cuticle making it feel smooth then 24 hours later the swelling has reduced and your hair feels exactly the same. No added Benifit other than you feel like you have done something to help when in fact it’s done very little.

So what’s the best thing to do?

Firstly get into a routine of regular trims and by regular I mean 6-8 weeks says Rod. Secondly stop trying to do every service available, your Color should be maintained in a conscious way to ensure the structure of the hair is maintained. Often we see Color being done far too often and unnecessarily added Rod. Don’t just blindly do it because you think it needs to be done. Often being told no you don’t need it is exactly what your hair actually needs. Less is more!

Get yourself a set of products that are hydrating, sulfate and Paraben free that work for you and obviously we suggest ours but it’s what works for you! Reduce the Color processing or limit it at the very least to ensure no overlapping of Color as this doubles the damage. Regular trims and ethical blow dry’s, by not burning the hair into place.

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Healthy hair starts with saying no to most things offered in your salon! Just because they offer it doesn’t mean you do it!

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