There is a lot of confusion about buying pairs of a product from the same brand so let’s clarify, do you need to buy the matching conditioner?

It’s really not ideal having a cupboard full of products half open in your bathroom cupboard it’s just a waste of money and space. We suggest you go through what you have a give away what you simply know deep in your heart you will never use. Yes give it away! A woman’s shelter, a friend or anyone actually just get rid of it. Now look at what you will use and start finishing bottles off.

Now without wanting to sound like a parent, don’t just buy for the sake of it. If you need it then get it.

There is a reason why matching products are better is that they are developed with the thought of you using them together. There will be ingredients spread over both products that can’t be all in one. The best Benifit will be found when you use both. Now if you already have one and not ready for the second, it’s perfectly fine, it’s not going to do any harm.

Off Days everyday shampoo & conditioner

Every day can mean alternative days it’s completely up to you and what you prefer however our everyday products are safe for daily use. Do you need to buy the matching conditioner, the answer is its best but its not going to be such a bad thing if you don’t. Finish what you have then get the matching one.

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