It’s about that time of year we are all dreaming of a getaway, Christmas break is just a memory and it’s time to plan your summer break already. To make the most out of the holiday we are sure you are like us and want to be ready for anything. Here is your hair checklist before heading on holidays to make sure you look and feel your best!

Take your shampoo & conditioner

Sounds obvious we know but sometimes we forget Hotel products can tend to be generic and not the best choice for you or your hair. The wrong shampoo can strip your Color and cause your hair to be dry and split so carry your own. You can get smaller bottles online and transfer enough to get you through your trip. Make sure to wrap in cling film or a sealed water proof bag so no nasty spillage mishaps.

Hair tie and a scrunchie

You may not be planning on a 5 star formal dinner but you just never know, better to be prepared. Also putting your Hairup after getting out of the pool post midday to have your lunch by the pool may just be on the agenda.

Get your haircut before you go

No one wants to be on a holiday thinking about why your bangs are not behaving or why you forgot to get them done! Book yourself in now.

Carry a scarf

Protecting your hair from the sun, it might not be your typical look but Sun damage even if it’s not typically something you wear, it can be fun and add to the overall finish as well as give you the sun protection.

Now go have a great holiday!

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