Considering our bodies are made up of 60% water, the brain and heart approx 73% and skin is about 63% the reality is water is essential to health and well being. So can drinking more water help your hair? Drinking enough water helps blood circulation and oil production so often not drinking enough water can even dry out your scalp causing dandruff or dry scalp as well as hair loss in severe cases.

Now there is a saying 2 litres a day of water and whilst some of that can be consumed from food it’s important to know that every persons need is completely different. It differs from sex to age, body type and many other factors.

You need to monitor your hydration if your mouth feels dry or your urine is dark chances are you are not drinking enough water.

How to protect your hair & Scalp from dehydration

Obviously in winter we need somewhat of a warm or even hot shower which is fine but excessive heat on the scalp can cause it to become dry. Yes we know a long hot shower in winter is one of life’s small pleasures but limit the time your head is under the water.

Protect your scalp

If you are outside, wear a cap or hat to protect your scalp and hair from the elements. If you are a swimmer get yourself a swimming cap as the added chlorine can be incredibly harsh on the hair and scalp.

How often should you be washing your hair?

Such a bone of contention however it’s really fairly simple. If it gets oily fast then wash it, if not you don’t need to as often. It’s safe to say alternative days even daily if the scalp requires it. Use a sulfate free shampoo as it’s more mild on the hair and will not cause dehydration.

So go have a glass or two of warm water and stay hydrated.

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