There is a lot of misinformation regarding this and it’s a very real fear for many people, can a shampoo cause hair loss or split ends. The easy answer is no however it’s a little more complicated than a short answer so here goes.

Using a very harsh shampoo ( sulfate based ) shampoo has the potential to strip Color faster and create dry hair yes, however causing hair split ends and hair loss would be a side affect after using it by itself for sometime. If your hair is already in a broken state nothing is going to perform miracles overnight and whilst a harsh shampoo certainly won’t help it you should look at changing it and adapting some healthier choices when it comes to your hair care regime.

Can it cause hair loss? Well yes over time sodium laureth sulfate effects the scalp and does dry it out ( it is a stronger detergent and harsher on a daily basis ) hence causing a long term issue with your Scalps ph balance which in turn can increase hair loss.

So what can you do? Well besides the fact that you need to change, it’s important to look into what you are putting your hair through firstly. You can not expect your hair to be healthy looking if you are over colouring and putting it through excessive heat damage. No shampoo and conditioner is going to create miracles alone. It’s a combined effort of product as well as healthy hair Habits.

So what is a healthy hair care regime or habit?

It is learning to say no, a lot of the time we are conditioned into doing something just because people say you should. Could be a new service that smoothens the hair or could be an extensive Color that is trending that you want at any cost. It may be perfectly safe but it also may be the tipping point for already damaged hair that could take months to remedy. A lot of times once the hair is damaged the only way to rectify it is to cut the damage portion off.

Limit your Color treatments to what is essential and don’t overlap Color. By overlapping we mean don’t keep colouring what’s already colored unless it is essential. It’s perfectly ok if not better if the ends are slightly lighter than the roots, in fact it looks more natural so say no to constant global colouring.

UV protection to ensure your hair is taken care of in the sun!

It may be you are using heat tools that claim not to damage your hair and the heat is less however too much of anything isn’t good so limit your blow dry’s to minimum ( 2-3 times a week ) use a heat protecting serum, they also has UV protection.

Now we know your already thinking to yourself “that’s fine but I still want to look good and I love my Color!” You can have your cake and eat it too no problem you just need to find yourself a hairstylist that you feel confident to work with to get you both the sustainable results as well as maintain your condition.

Trim your hair regularly, which means every 6-8 weeks without fail. This removes any split ends cause from environmental damage or simple wear and tear. By avoiding trims you may end up with a negative growth situation where the hair is splitting off and becoming shorter by itself!

Lastly is the products you use, now this is different for everyone as we all have different hair and requirements. It’s also the reason why we started with an everyday shampoo and conditioner. It’s for most, you may need to try a product and see if it works for you and your hair then decide. Make sure you get yourself a SLS free shampoo as it is gentle enough to use daily and will keep your Color looking fresh longer. Keep it simply there isn’t a 10 step program to do daily because let’s face it, no one has the time for that.

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