Want to know what is the best food to eat for healthy hair growth, you google it and you will find yourself searching for exotic berries from the Amazon to covering fatty fish with almond butter to try to cover all your bases. Its a minefield.

Hair growth or healthy hair growth needs a balanced diet and lifestyle in order for our bodies to function at an optimum level, no food is going to make it grow faster. No supplement is magically going to fix all your problems however you need to ensure that all your daily requirements are taken care of so you can have a normal level of hair growth. Often we hear give me a shampoo that will help my hair grow faster says ” Rod Anker” co founder and hairstylist in Delhi but it is by far more important to look deeper into what is causing your hair issues. A good shampoo and conditioner will help with the quality of the hair but have only minimum to do with the actual growth, that is internal

What is a balanced diet?

Well a balanced diet for hair growth is the same as a healthy diet for life, it consists of covering your 5 basic food groups throughout the day.

Now you may have seen this and think its kind of obvious but its good to remember that you need to cover all 5 groups daily, vegetarians may need to look for replacements in various foods as well as anyone that is lactose or gluten intolerant.

This is the best food to eat for hair growth as well as a healthy life, anything in excess comes with consequences, be it food or lifestyle in moderation its ok however if you over do things it comes at a cost.

Now lets look at lifestyle, its often overlooked or forgotten that a healthy lifestyle that includes less stress, drinking a certain amount of water and getting the right amount of sleep. Its not only good for you but essential for a balanced body that will function at an optimum level. Its not a good idea eating all the right food and then partying till 4am every second night and expect everything to function, it just wont. Its called balance.

Now not to be the bearer of bad news but if you are reading this looking for a miracle and you have overdone things with chemical services on your hair hoping that a few extra helpings of almonds and a fish fry is going to fix all your problems then understand its not. Healthy hair growth and chemical damage is completely different and eating healthy is not going to repair chemical neglect or damage. That requires reducing the amount of color or chemical treatments you do, increasing the timeline between trims, reducing the heat tools in your styling routine as well as using the right products.

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