If you find yourself every year saving a bunch of bang references to show your stylist, then end up backing down you are not alone! Bored and tired of the playing it safe you feel like being the bold. Well there is a ton of inspiration and you really don’t need to look too hard to find it, the only challenge will be will it suit you and will you have the courage to pull it off! Sure you have to get the bangs that suit you and there is a lot of decisions to be made however it can be the most liberating thing you have done for a long time, says Rod Anker. So here are the bangs you need to show your stylist this Season!

Chances are if you search on pinterest or instagram Curtain bangs this name is a constant and for a reason.

Curtain bangs have been the go-too bangs for a long time and its a very good point to start your bang journey, it doesn’t have to be a journey this is a destination in itself! We could stop here as this really ticks all the boxes, long enough not to take 12 months to grow out, still able to pin it back and super easy to style.

Now lets assume your hair is not too curly you can safely venture for a more bold option that can be worn with confidence. It alone has the opportunity to stand out when your hair is up in a pony tail and be the first thing people notice! Worn best with a smile and confidence! You can have some slightly longer pieces at the sides to soften and loosely blend it or choose not too.

Jennifer Garner via Pinterest

Now lets talk in your face bold and scream ” Im doing it” short bangs! So many options and variations on all of them but typically subtle when it’s longer. The moment you go short those small changes are incredibly visible and make a hug difference. Blunt short bangs or choppy textured short bangs the option is yours!

Via Pintrest

The length of your blunt bangs depends on what features you want to highlight, as well as your face shape. If you have a round face or heart shaped-face, you can consider cutting your bangs slightly above your eyebrows to help elongate your face. Those with oval or longer faces can cut their bangs to hit right at the eyebrow or slightly lower. The key to maintenance is understanding you have weeks with it not months, the growth will be visible and have an almost immediate effect on the way it behaves. Best thing to do is talk to your stylist and find out how easy it is to come by every 3-4 weeks to maintain it. As far as styling the longer the bangs it may require a Styling powder to add grip if its fine or soft hair

So now you have 3 option of bangs you need to show your stylist this season and a little food for thought on some new looks!

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