Communication is one of those things that can destroy relationships, bring an entire friend group into a backflip and destroy relationships. Whilst we all grew up being told honesty is the best policy, at some point we stopped being as open with the way we spoke and the things we discussed and became more guarded. Getting the best out of a situation or life is all about communication and its no secret that the more you know the better, the more information you have the better the outcome. Now before you go to any salon prior research as to who to choose is up to you, a little google search is often required unless you are referred by a friend. Check ahead of time to find out an approx. costing and time frame so you don’t have any surprises. Here are 5 tips to better communicate with your hairstylist so you can have a better visit!

You should have an in depth consultation prior to starting

Don’t rush, be on time and don’t have a time limit

If your appointment is at 12, arrive on time and have no pressure on when it finishes as much as possible. Rushing an appointment will not get you the best out of the situation. One of the worst things to do is being distracted with your phone, messages or emails when your mind needs to be focused on discussing what you are there for.

Ask Lots of Questions

If you have chosen well, your hairstylist will ask a lot more questions than you because its the details that make a difference. Remember that your version of short and a hairstylist version of short is going to be completely different. Its crucial that you both ask as much as possible to make sure that you are both on the same page. Honesty in this part of the consultation is super important so don’t hold back. If they ask you if you blow dry it and you don’t and most likely never will, then say that because it makes a difference. A false reality is not going to leave you with amazing hair. Ask price and time and the maintenance, no one including the hairstylist likes to discuss money however its a real thing and everyone has a budget so dont shy away from it if your hairstylist hasn’t discussed it then now is the time to bring it up and share your budget, there will be options.

Your color is often a mixture of 4-5 colors not one box

Bring Photos

Yes a little prior research helps a lot, even if its images of what you don’t want. It can be this is the length you want or this is the color I don’t want. A photo of when you loved your hair speaks volumes of what you actually love, usually your profile picture is one you are most happy with says Rod Anker

Listen to your options and the reasons behind them

Often you want a look but it simply wont work, hair is different on everyone and it has its limitations. If your hairstylist says it wont work don’t ignore it ask why and understand why its not possible. It may mean changing the way you manage your hair or it may mean that pastel pink hair you have always said you will do one day simply is never going to happen. At times it can be a limitation based on your expectations, you don’t want to blow dry it but you want it to sit in a very specific way, the hair may not do it without a blow dry or styling.

Do you need products to help you manage the look

This can be a tricky one because we have all been to a shop and maybe a salon and you think they are pushing product down your throat that you simply don’t need. This is where open and honest communication makes the world of difference. If you need a shampoo and conditioner to maintain your color, ask why what shampoo is best, not brand but more specific. Is it a Sulfate free shampoo essential to maintain the intensity of the color that you need? Is it a conditioner that is rich and thick to ensure my cuticle is closed so there is less frizz? What styling products do I need to maintain this look? The hairstylist gets the most referals when you manage your hair the best, not on the day you leave the salon but more like day 5 or 6 when you look as good as you did day 1. It may mean finishing what you have then the next time you change to what they said. understand its most likely not a push rather a recommendation to ensure your hair behaves the way it is meant too.

The Right product in your shower makes a huge difference

Lastly be considerate of the skills that a hairstylist has, it takes years to learn the craft and small details of the way the hair is cut make the world of difference to the way the hair moves. Be still and don’t wiggle around too much. Sit straight with both feet flat on the floor or foot rest or you will most likely leave with an uneven haircut!

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