We all dream of hair that everyone comments on or at the very least looks at you with envy. Effortless, sexy and suits you but also just works without the stress of daily maintainence. So why is it that you can’t get it? Here are 5 reasons you can’t get the hair you want and what to do about it!

There are often things we do ourselves that in fact are the reason stopping us get what we want and its important to understand why. It could be a combination of various things that are stopping you and in fact it could be nothing to do with you but the things being done to your hair. So how can you get what you want and want what you get?

The wrong advice

Its easy to say ” Go visit a professional” when in fact you have always been to a professional. One of the most challenging things as a client, is choosing the right salon for you, the right hairstylist that takes the time to actually listen and understand what it is that you are after and the challenges you have. Actual listening before assuming can be the challenge. Its a good idea to remember that consultations are typically free and no obligation at most good salons anywhere in the world. Book yourself in for a consultation at another salon and share you goals and listen to what advice is given. Then after you have several opinions its time to decide which is best for you!

Your hair is not capable of doing what you want it too

A lot of the time, clients will want a certain look but their hair is not capable of achieving it without dire consequences says Rod Anker. Its important to understand that hair has limitations and just because you want it, there may be a good reason why its not possible so ask why, ask how and ask as many questions as possible. If you go from dark to light and don’t want gold, why is it that it constantly goes gold? The science behind colouring doesn’t change just because you want it too. If you plan the color over time the results may just hit the mark and you will finally get the result you love.

You do not have the products to achieve the look

You all know the feeling after you leave the salon looking fab and you may love the look yet when you try to recreate the same thing it ends up looking like a bird nest with no resemblance at all to what you wanted. This can be for several reasons but the products and the technique used to create your look needs to be explained. Ask your stylist for a step by step and what products are a must have to create the look! Its not about selling and some products will be key so its best to ask these questions, watch and see how they are used and keep asking how! Simple things like volume can be solved with products and are super easy to use but you didnt know about them, check out our Volume and texture powder for example

It simply wont work with your hair

What you want can simply be not suitable for your hair, could be the condition, the texture or the growth pattern some things wont work and its a hard pill to swallow but you have to accept it. Just because you want your hair a certain way doesn’t mean it can happen. Get the right advice, speak to a professional and then make the decision yourself based on the advice you get.

The wrong professional

Its easy enough to decide what it is you want, its another to decide where to go to get it. Finding the right hairstylist can be daunting, what is right for one person may not be right for the next. Having the skill is partly the challenge and having the communication aspect so you are both on the same page is another. The key to finding the right hairstylist is fairly simple, its like shopping for a doctor. Ask friends and get on line and create a shortlist then book yourself for a consultation, its free! Have an open discussion with each hairstylist asking as many questions about your hair as possible. once you have visited them all its time to shortlist and make the big step. Its one thing to have an instagram account full of amazing transformations and another to have you ecstatic about your hair and knowing how to recreate it at home daily!

So its now time to have that honest discussion with yourself about what it is you want from your hair and what you are going to do to get it. Make a plan and just do it. If nothing changes then nothing changes so its time! So thats 5 reasons you can’t get the hair you want and what to do about it, its time to make it happen!

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