It all started with James Dean and Elvis and it has come a long way since then and the Quiff or Pompadour is possibly the most adaptable cuts for men and certainly one of the most asked for. Low maintenance and easy to style and can easily be adapted to suit you, wear it with product to enhance the volume or natural to give it a more casual look! Here is 5 Quiff hairstyles to save and show your hairdresser today!

There are so many variations of the Quiff Style that it really is up to your imagination, its mainly about having extra length at the top and front. Typically the sides and back are shorter, blended seamlessly into the top to support the extra length and weight however it is literally up to you!

You can even leave the sides and back longer and simply add a Volumizing product to the top to give it volume and support, when its longer like this you can opt to wear it more structured or play with the length and give it more attitude.

Now lets be honest Justin Bieber has been doing it for years both on short hair as well as longer and it looks great! The trick is not to keep stretching it for the sky, enough volume is enough don’t overdo it! You don’t have enough inspiration yet and need a little more convincing?

Cameron Diaz did it too! Via Glamour Magazine

No guys this is NOT and exclusive look for you, its universal and can look incredible!

Zayn Malik via Pintrest

Of on the things to remember when you choosing a look the has more length at the top is your face shape. If you have a wider forehead and choose to ramp the volume up at the front, then understand it is going to highlight your forehead. Less is best when it comes to styling in fact very little is needed, shampoo and conditioner as normal then after its dry using our Off Days Volume & Texturising Powder to give it support and texture!

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