We all have the same issues, we plan things doesn’t matter if its a first date, job interview or a holiday then you have to back track and work out when you should get your hair done. No one wants to look like you just had it done for the day, you should look effortless, almost as if you dont care but in fact a lot of effort and planning has gone into getting the ” I don’t care” look. So here is 4 ways to be more independent with your hair and salon visits!


When you are getting your hair colored, it depends on what the purpose is, sure sounds obvious but it could be to cover the grey or it could be as an overall look for your hair. If its to color the grey then you need to think long and hard about the color you do. Whilst you may have been what you thought was black when you were 15 years old, you are now 40 and have 30% white hair and it was never black. According to India’s celebrity hairstylist Rod Anker a lot of people are holding on to the thought that they used to be dark but that was when you were 15 and you could run 20 laps around the school oval, its now 25 years later and nothing is the same. Your hair whilst it may have been slightly darker when you were younger its not now and thats the color you need to match it too not darker. The moment you color it darker you end up creating a problem and a more dramatic contrast with the color growing out, hence you will notice it faster.

The secret is going 25% lighter than your regrowth to blend in rather than go darker, this will give you slightly longer before its as noticeable, sure it is not going to let you escape it forever but you wont be looking and spending 2 hours every 10 days at the hair salon.

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Now if you are coloring your hair for the sake of a “Look” versus maintenance then its slightly different depending on the color and the history of your hair. If its intense Red or copper and you have had to go lighter to achieve it then the products and home hair care has to be something you invest in both financially as well as mentally. This will be the key to longevity and intensity of the tone you have. Using a Sulfate free Shampoo and always following it up with a moisturising conditioner is paramount to having the color last as long as possible

The Cut

Now whilst the options are endless lets look at it from a broader perspective without thinking just go shorter to get longer our of the hair cut, its more about your hair texture and what is and what will make it work best for you. Now the easiest way is for you to have a consultation with your hairstylist or a new one if you are reading this then it may mean its time for a change.

To get the cut right you need to work on the natural ability of the hair without product or tools and then decide whats important because if you have to sit there for more than 10 minutes styling it, it is not going to look natural and effortless as well as not be something you can just wash and wear if you have too!

So pardon the pun but to cut a long story short, if you want to have freedom from salon visits and being chained to the bathroom its possible but you need a plan for it, you cant simply wake up one morning and say thats it Im not doing my hair again. Discuss it with your hairstylist, have the right products ( not too many ) know how to change the look from day to day to stretch it out and be realistic with what you want.

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